Individuals aspiring to pursue education or seek to work in countries like the USA,UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc have to qualify the IELTS exam.The test scores are accepted by over 10,000 organisations in 140 countries worldwide,including schools, universities, Government departments, employers, immigrationauthorities and other professional bodies. Being one of the most renowned. English proficiency tests, this test is taken by more than three million candidatesacross 140 countries in the world.

Syllabus and Exam Pattern of IELTS

Having two versions; Academic and General Training, IELTS is open to all aspirants(student or working professional) and do not have any specific eligibility criteria.Both the formats comprise of four mandatory sections, namely listening, reading,writing and speaking. Listening and Speaking sections are the same for both the formats,but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing components differ depending on which test one opts for. IELTS test is designed to reflect the use of English languagein our daily lives; at work, at play and study. The speaking test is conducted asa one-on-one test to assess candidates’ English fluency, coherence, pronunciation,and grammatical accuracy. The responses are recorded by the examiner for analysisand scoring purpose. The candidates are put through a real-life conversation with areal person to get their English conversation skills tested

IELTS Exam Preparation Tips

One of the interesting factors of IELTS preparation is that one can incorporatethe IELTS practice into everyday routine. Test aspirant can prepare while reading is/her favourite book, chatting with friends or even watching television! ThisEnglish language proficiency exam tests candidates’ overall language skills. Onealso needs to religiously solve as many as practice IELTS test papers possible; analyse the mistakes each time, rectify them, and move on.

Selection Procedure of IELTS

IELTS scores remain valid for two years. However, the acceptance of the IELTSscore depends much on the IELTS selection procedure of the respective institute/university the candidate is applying to.

IELTS Test Component IELTS Test Component Duration Brief Description
Listening (Same for Academic and General Training) 30 minutes Four sections, 40 items
Reading (Different for Academic and General Training) 60 minutes Three sections, 40 items
Writing (Different for Academic and General Training 60 minutes Two tasks
Speaking (Same for Academic and General Training) 11-14 minutes Three-part one-onone conversation